Lord's Walk was an avenue planted by Lord Carleton (1676-1720) and was formerly known as Lord Carleton's Walk. The Avenue was the formal approach to Kent House, itself the gatehouse to Amesbury Abbey estate (Kent House is the one at the top of the hill between Countess Roundabout and Amesbury, opposite the top entrance to Lord's Walk, Diana House is the one by the river opposite the lower entrance to Lord's Walk). The lower section of Lord's Walk (alongside the river) was not originally part of the Avenue.

First part conveyed to Amesbury Parish Council by Sir Philip Antrobus 18th September 1950 for the sum of £600.00

Second part conveyed to Amesbury Parish Council by Lincoln College, Oxford 25th May 1978 for the sum of £3500.00.

Lords Walk Round Route

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