The Mayor of Amesbury, Cllr Andrew Williams presented 2 Community Awards for 2018 to Brian White and Mick Pattenden.

Brain White was given his Community Award for his service to the Amesbury Cricket Club:

- Brian joined Amesbury C.C. in 1965, and has thus been a member for more than 50 years.

Brian captained Amesbury C.C. during the 1980’s and 1990’s, and has acted as; Committee member, Treasurer and Fixture Secretary to Amesbury C.C. during his 50 year association with the club.

Brian has looked after, prepared and maintained the cricket square since the 1990’s at Bonnymead Park, initially with a pull along roller, then a single drum roller, and finally with an ex-road roller affectionately known as “Herbie”.

- Brian has looked after the new cricket square at Centennial Park since its inception in 2013, with the use of “Roger” the roller.

The upkeep of both cricket squares, is a time consuming and regular commitment, which involves winter maintenance and preparation, in order for things to be ready for the summer months of playing on a true surface. The actual marking out of the wicket, and boundary is a regular summer job, with games being played at the rate of three or four a week, during the peak of the season. On average that works out at a time commitment of more than 10 hours every week.

Brian has always encouraged everyone to play the game of cricket, with an emphasis on the younger generation.

- Brian still receives the same “payment” as when he offered to help in the first place; - “For the love of the sport and for the Cricket players of Amesbury”.

 Mick Pattenden was given his Community Award for:

- years of work for The Royal British Legion, he regularly picks up the collection boxes around the area and counts the money. This he has done for many years and has received a National Award for work with The Royal British Legion.

- selling poppies at Remembrance Time and is a regular attendee in the parade.

- regularly litter picking in the Butterfield Down area.


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