Amesbury Neighbourhood Plan Consultation 20 February 2016

Ideas from Wishing Trees


Community and Infrastructure

- More Consultation with Parishes on Schools

- Improve the condition of the Byways

- Engage with Healthcare Wiltshire on the future of GP/Dentists/Pharmacy provision in Amesbury and Durrington including Amy Rebasing impact

- Create better footpath links particularly to and from Stonehenge (i.e. crossing A303 at western end.)

- With growing population in the area a sports rec centre embracing a variety of optimal sports including tennis.  This will help the young.

- Wi-Fi facility for visitors to the community and visitor centre.

- Reclaim Stonehenge as Amesbury’s heritage

- Progress with the new build history centre is urgent to encourage visitors.



- Public transport to Stonehenge

- Get Tesco to pay more for the buses

- Can rural bus time tables be co-ordinated so that people can attend appointments at hospitals? Rather than having to spend the night away from home for a 9am appointment

- Informs local residents very well

- Restrictions of heavy vehicles using the town centre as a rat run to avoid the congestion on the A303

- Need a bus link to Larkhill

- Need Bus Service along Countess Road

- Why is the bus stop outside Lidl positioned so that when the bus stops the traffic cannot pass. When it stops on the other side the traffic is backed up to Amesbury at many times.

- Parking Free Traffic in High Street except Community Bus and unloading

- Restrictions to traffic using local roads to avoid traffic lights (i.e. Kitchener Road)

- Traffic coming off the A303 at Solstice Business Park regularly causes congestion at the Lidl roundabout at peak times and this needs sorting out.

- Stop rat run through Bulford/Durrington by Heavy Goods.  Perhaps a weight limit?

- Stop traffic and Heavy Goods Vehicles coming through Bulford Durrington and Larkhill to bypass the A303

- More cycle paths between villages.

- No tunnel for A303

- Less money required for bypass past Amesbury and south of Countess – much better idea

- High Street Durrington needs a proper pavement.

- Less traffic on London Road – more places where cars slow down for pedestrians

- No flyover on Countess Road – Move A303 South of Salisbury

- No tunnel

- No Cutting

- Link A303 to Salisbury Bypass going south

- Why not build Southern Bypass (and its long diversion) and then the existing part of the A303 past Stonehenge into a toll road?

- Yellow boxes on Countess Roundabout

- Reopen the rail line to Newton Tony with a hub for

·         Visitors to Stonehenge

·         Army 2020

·         Build more transport

·         Industrial Estates

·         STC?

- Fly over?   See Chiswick!!

- 20 MPH limit on residential particularly where there are schools.  Possibly limit parking times where there are schools. Possibly limit parking times in Kitchener Road.

- Local roads blocked by people avoiding car park charges. 

- Make High Street pedestrian friendly or ideally pedestrian only.

- No tunnel on the A303

- Hindhead Tunnel often closed  with problems   -  can one  at Stonehenge be any better???

- Transport from houses to shops and schools


- Stop buses using Durrington High Street – Sooooo dangerous for pedestrians and other drivers.




- Hardware shop

- Opening – Closing times of chemists to tie in with surgery opening times

- Improve the public realm so that the town looks attractive and people want to stop and shop

- Small shops

- Stonehenge School is due to grow- A lot the new build must help Amesbury Economic Growth not in a place that won’t.

- Great grocers (Nothing since ….. over   closed.)

- Community Facilities

- Shops etc should be developed where the new houses are

- Post Box

- Make the town more colourful by painting shops different colours so it looks attractive even on grey/wet days. (Great Idea)



- In place; strategic build in South Wiltshire

- More consultation with Durrington Parish

- Appropriate infrastructure in place to support any increase in housing i.e.

·         Doctors

·         Dentists

·         Chemists

·         Schools

·         Shops

- Facilities for people in houses

·         Cinema

·         Swimming Pool

- Dedicated youth centre

- Development of Houses off Watergate Lane Bulford Village SP4 9DY?

- Important to use brown-fill sites rather than greenfield

- Get the A303 on North Route Army Stonehenge.

- Shared and affordable houses for local young people preferably.


Heritage and Tourism

- More cafes and shops to attract visitors

- New History Centre

- Pedestrian Cyclist tunnel under A303 for Bridleway to Bulford from Amesbury (Amesbury Road / Tidworth Road)

- Better links into the WHS

·         Bus

·         Cycle

·         Foot

Signposting to main points like St Melor so people are drawn into the town

- Small shops in centre of town opposite Fairlawn Hotel

- Advertise Amesbury better and what it has to offer

- Create more off-road cycle routes

- Improve footpaths and organise heritage and landscape tours from town

- Better Publicity for Amesbury’s heritage

- Organised Heritage and landscape walks

- Draw on the existing volunteer network to offer heritage trails etc

- Land Train to Stonehenge via other monuments

- Dedicated footpaths and cycleways which are free of cars so going out is fun and relaxing and not dangerous

- Better links between Amesbury, Stonehenge and Durrington Walls

- Use Treasure Hunt as an educational opportunity – could be short or long and occupy school holidays for various clubs and groups.

- Get the youth out into the free heritage landscape around us – specially designed tours for the locals eg treasure hunt

- Walking the whole length of the approach to the river

- Preserve all the village churches

- Want to be able to walk out into the Stonehenge landscape without traffic

- Visitors like to buy souvenirs and local crafts – we don’t appear to have any of these in Amesbury – it does not attract visitors to stay and we don’t have the parking to accommodate them.

- Re-think routeway  through  Durrington Walls and Woodhenge  (  Recreate the setting )

- Make more people more aware of the heritage of Amesbury and what they have

- Better Publicity for our town eg at the Stonehenge Visitor Centre

- Information in the town for visitors who want to go to Stonehenge

- Sign posting to assists

- Need to meet the needs for local people as well as tourists Amesbury needs better publicity

- Tourist Gift Shop

- Shuttle bus around the World Heritage Site to link attractions from Amesbury History Centre to Woodhenge to Royal Artillery Museum to Stonehenge Visitors Centre to Woodford Valley to Amesbury.

- Preserve old landscape

- Bus to Stonehenge should stop at Amesbury

- Better and more routeways onto the landscape

- Train links to help tourists

- Make those aware who live in, work in and visit our towns that getting out into the World Heritage Site is free

- We need more cycle routes that don’t involve cycling along the road

- Move History Centre Plans Forward

- Reuniting Amesbury Town with Stonehenge

- Heritage Walking Trails.

- More flexible accommodation to stay overnight

- Replace concrete posts at Woodhenge with wooden ones

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