Date Start Time Location Agenda Meeting Minutes
Full Council Tue 10th January 7.15pm Antrobus House 10.01.2017 10.01.2017
Amenities Committee Tue 17th January 7.15pm Bowman Centre 17.01.2017 17.01.2017
Extraordinary Meeting Tue 24th January 7pm Bowman Centre 24.01.2017 24.01.2017
Full Council Tue 7th February 7.15pm Antrobus House 07.02.2017 07.02.2017
Amenities Committee Tue 21st February 7.15pm Bowman Centre 21.02.2017 21.02.2017
Planning Meeting Mon 6th March 10.15am Bowman Centre 06.03.2017 Please see Full Council minutes - 07.03.17
Full Council Tue 7th March 7.15pm Antrobus House 07.03.2017 07.03.2017
Amenities Committee Tue 21st March 7.15pm Bowman Centre 21.03.2017 21.03.2017
Planning Committee Tue 3rd April 10.15am Bowman Centre 03.04.2017  Please see Full Council minutes - 04.04.17
Full Council Tue 4th April 7.15pm Antrobus House 04.04.2017 04.04.2017
Planning Committee Tue 18th April 9am Bowman Centre 18.04.2017 Please see Full Council minutes 16.05.17 
Amenities Committee Tue 18th April 7.15pm Bowman Centre 18.04.2017 18.04.2017
Planning Meeting Thurs 27th April 10am Bowman Centre 27.04.2017 Please see Full Council minutes 16.05.17 
Annual Meeting Tue 16th May 7.15pm Antrobus House 16.05.2017 16.05.2017
Town Meeting Tue 23rd May 6.30pm Bowman Centre 23.05.2017 23.05.2017
Full Council Tue 6th June 7.15pm Antrobus House 06.06.2017 06.06.2017
Finance Committee Tue 20th June 11am Bowman Centre 20.06.2017 20.06.2017
Planning Committee Tue 20th June 7pm Bowman Centre 20.06.2017  Please see Full Council minutes 04.07.17
Amenities Committee Tue 20th June 7.30pm Bowman Centre 20.06.2017 20.06.2017
Town Centre Committee Tue 27th June 4.15pm Bowman Centre 27.06.2017 27.06.2017
Full Council Tue 4th July 7.15pm Antrobus House 04.07.2017 04.07.2017
Planning Committee Tue 18th July 4pm Bowman Centre 18.07.2017 Please see Full Council minutes 01.08.17
Amenities Committee Tue 18th July 7.30pm Bowman Centre 18.07.2017 18.07.2017
Extraordinary Meeting Thur 20th July 7pm Bowman Centre 20.07.2017 20.07.2017
Finance Committee Tue 25th July 2pm Bowman Centre 25.07.2017 25.07.2017
R2 Funds Meeting Wed 26th July 3pm Bowman Centre 26.07.2017 26.07.2017
Full Council Tue 1st August 7.15pm Antrobus House 01.08.2017 01.08.2017
Planning Committee Tue 15th August 4.30pm Bowman Centre 15.08.2017  Please see Full Council minutes 05.09.17
Full Council Tue 5th September 7.15pm Antrobus House 05.09.2017 05.09.2017
Planning Meeting Mon 11th September 4.30pm Bowman Centre 11.09.2017  Please see Full Council minutes 03.10.17
Amenities Committee Tue 19th September 7.30pm  Bowman Centre 19.09.2017 19.09.2017
Finance Committee Wed 20th September 6pm  Bowman Centre 20.09.2017 20.09.2017
Emergency Volunteers Tue 26th September 10am Bowman Centre 26.09.2017 26.09.2017
Planning Meeting Tue 3rd October 4.30pm Bowman Centre 03.10.2017  Please see Full Council minutes 03.10.17
Full Council Tue 3rd October 7.15pm Antrobus House 03.10.2017 03.10.2017
Planning Committee Tue 17th October  7pm Bowman Centre 17.10.2017  Please see Full Council minutes 07.11.17
Amenities Committee Tue 17th October  7.30pm Bowman Centre 17.10.2017 17.10.2017
Finance Committee Tue 27th October  2.30pm Bowman Centre 27.10.2017 27.10.2017
Full Council Tue 7th November 7.15pm Antrobus House 07.11.2017 07.11.2017
Planning Tue 21st November 7pm Bowman Centre 21.11.2017  Please see Full Council minutes 05.12.17
Amenities Committee Tue 21st November 7.30pm  Bowman Centre 21.11.2017 21.11.2017
Finance Committee Tue 24th November 2pm Bowman Centre 24.11.2017 24.11.2017
S106 Funds Meeting Thur 23rd November 10am Bowman Centre 23.11.2017 23.11.2017
Full Council Tue 5th December 7.15pm Antrobus House 05.12.2017 05.12.2017


Members of the public are invited to attend both Council and committee meetings with public questions being taken at both. It is helpful if they are communicated in writing to the Clerk by midday on the working day before the day of the meeting or a written copy supplied to assist with recording.

Meetings normally start at 7.15pm. Any change will be indicated on the agenda.

Check the notice board the week beforehand for the agenda and for any change in start time or venue – otherwise contact the Town Clerk on:

01980 622999

or at

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.