The Amesbury History Centre is the place to visit to find out all you need to know about the oldest continually inhabited settlement in Britain; as recognised by the Guinness Book of Records. The centre, though small, is superbly laid out allowing locals and tourists alike to learn the story behind Amesbury’s unique heritage, its connections to Stonehenge and the origins of its rise to military importance.

Go back to the Mesolithic period and see how Amesbury’s earliest known ancestors lived by a spring in the shelter of Vespasian’s Camp over 8000 years ago. View the exclusively displayed artefacts from the internationally important excavations at Blick Mead including worked flints, bones from the aurochs and other animals; the magical flints that turn a beautiful pink colour when taken out of the water.

Learn about the discovery of the Amesbury Archer, his known journey and others who were drawn to the area throughout the centuries from Anglo- Saxon to Tudor times. Many were of Royal status, including the wife of Henry III, Queen Eleanor of Provence, who is buried somewhere in the grounds of Amesbury Abbey, the only Queen of England with no known grave.

The dedicated and friendly volunteers will share their thoughts on the existence of this oldest settlement, its possible role and why different people from far and wide met to hunt and feast together, its links to why Stonehenge was built where it is, its draw to those who sought religious solitude at the Abbey, and its military importance from the late 19th century onwards.


Latest News

The current History Centre was demolished in late 2019.  Amesbury Town Council are proud to announce the contractor chosen for the building of the New Amesbury History Centre, is The Boden Group.  Boden are a local business based on Solstice Park, with many years experience in the construction industry.  As with many construction companies, various tradesman are required for the varied skills required to build such a project and The Boden Group will be using many local tradesmen, where possible.  Above the Mayor Amesbury congratulated The Boden group on being awarded the contract.  

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