The following poem was written by an Amesbury resident and read out at the Annual Meeting on Tuesday 7th May 2019.


This is an ode, to our Madam Mayor.

As we near the end, of her serving year.

Margaret you have done us proud, you have served us well.

But it has not been a year, without the odd bombshell!


During your term, Amesbury made worldwide news.

Not for anything would I have wanted, to be in your shoes.

You must have felt the burden, as we all reeled in shock.

At the terrible incident, forever known as Novichok!


But you took the lead, of our green & pleasant land.

Not one to simply, bury your head in the sand.

You stood up to the task, you didn’t flee.

And gallantly helped Amesbury, towards recovery!


And despite the Town's new, international fame.

You kept your eye on the ball, stayed ahead of the game.

Indeed your year, has not been full of the blues.

With your help we have again, some town centre loos!


You held your head high, at the remembrance parade.

Leading the town, as respects to the war dead were paid.

You lit up the town, turning on the Christmas Tree lights.

And won many young fans, on that seasonal night!


You hosted a tea party, a true community day.

Showing people you care, in your own special way.

You raised money for charity, without any fuss.

So that for a while longer, Amesbury has a Hoppa Bus!


Indeed your achievements, are too many to list.

I can only apologise, for anything I’ve missed.

Which just leaves me on behalf, of many to declare.

We thank you for a truly amazing, and inspirational year

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