Larkhill Travel Notice - March 2017


The Army Basing Programme will bring 4,000 Service personnel and their families to Wiltshire by 2019. The Ministry of Defence is investing more than £1bn in new facilities in Wiltshire which together with the additional population, will help boost the Wiltshire economy.

Wiltshire residents are being updated on the road works and infrastructure improvements to prepare the way for the next key stage in the Army Basing Programme. Preparations are well underway which will also see improvements to junctions, additional pedestrian crossing points and new cycle paths across the Army basing area. The planned works will mean some diversions will be in place and some road closures while essential works take place.

Following public consultation and Wiltshire Council Planning consent, ground and site preparation together with other enabling works will begin shortly to construct a new roundabout on the Packway at Larkhill, and to adapt and connect all new and existing utility services at this point.

This work is a condition of the planning consent for the construction of the new Service Families Accommodation on MOD land. The new roundabout will ultimately provide access to the new housing, a new primary school being built by Wiltshire Council and to the existing golf range as well as reducing the speed along the eastern section of the Packway.

Work will shortly commence to fell and clear some trees, needed to allow for the alterations to the road and to widen the footpath to add a cycleway. In parallel, work will continue to provide a temporary right of way (as Footpath DUR 15 and Byways DUR 29 and Byway 31 will temporarily close during the construction period), together with temporary access to the Golf Centre and for school construction.

From early May until early July 2017 works will be undertaken immediately adjacent to the Packway to establish a new utilities corridor to allow for these to be diverted. This phase will not disrupt traffic using the Packway but a continuous pedestrian barrier will be erected with appropriate signage. As part of these works, Tombs Road will be permanently closed off from the Packway.

In parallel, and starting at the beginning of May 2017, Wessex Water will construct a new sewer, which will see two teams working concurrently. The first team will work westwards from Ratfyn (close to Stonehenge Vets) and the second, also working westwards, from the A345 Stonehenge Inn roundabout. Both teams will require temporary traffic lights with all works backfilled and resurfaced as work proceeds. This work is due to complete at the end of September 2017.

The Army Basing Programme, Wiltshire Council and our contractor Lovell have worked very closely with utility providers to arrange for all new and existing connections and diversions to be completed as well as the new roundabout and resurfacing works by the developers.

As much work as possible will be completed under temporary traffic signals, but the remaining work will require a partial road closure followed by a full road closure with fully signed division routes in place. This work will affect The Packway between the Stonehenge Inn roundabout and the Wood Road junction. Work under the partial closure will only allow westbound traffic (eastbound closed to traffic) and should start early July until late August 2017. The full closure should be from late August until late September 2017; subject to weather and any unforeseen circumstances.

We apologise for any disruption to road traffic that these works will cause and would confirm that access for pedestrians and cyclists will be available throughout.

Due to the nature of the works which will involve a large number of stakeholders the dates cited above are susceptible to change. We will of course use every endeavour to adhere to the suggested timings and will in any case keep neighbours and the public at large appraised of developments. 

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